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    Specialising in running courses for beginners - get to 5k in just 8 weeks!

  • About Us  

    Learn to Run is a multi award nominated group, specifically designed to take you gently into the sport of running; combining theory, education, fitness and fun.

    We are currently running these groups as both ladies and mens running sessions and operate successfully throughout Hertfordshire and North West London. Learn to Run are leading experts from beginner through to intermediate running programs and coaching.

    Our most popular program is our 0-5k Learn to Run. This unique programme, designed and developed by Mary McLellan, will take you from having never run before to comfortably running around 5k in just 8 short weeks - it really does work!


    The best part about Learn to Run is we have follow on programs from all our courses including:

    • 5-10k Courses
    • Half Marathon Training
    • Keep on Running Groups
    • Speed Clinics
    • Cross Conditioning with Suspension Training
    • Myofacial Release Clinics
    • Yoga for Runners
    • Stretch & Roll Classes

  • What We Offer

    Courses, Classes and Speciality Clinics

    Learn to run 0-5k

    Can't run at all? Get yourself up to 5k in just 8 weeks!

    Designed for total beginners, these sessions will teach the key skills and techniques perfect for those of you who have always wanted to try running but felt you weren't fit enough, fast enough or strong enough. Our course will safely and gently introduce you to running in a supportive group environment where no one gets left behind. In the first week you'll only need to jog for a total of 60 seconds at a time which makes Learn to Run the perfect start for anxious individuals! Over time your body will condition to running 5k or maybe even more!

    Learn To Run 5-10K

    Already running 5k? Get yourself up to 10k in just 8 weeks!

    This is a great follow on programme if you're already comfortable running 5k and would like to increase your distance towards 10k. We'll improve your run in a safe and effective way with all the help and support you need from our fantastic coaching team. By addressing both pacing and endurance in this programme we aim to have you running confidently for one hour or 10k - whichever comes first! These sessions include both practical and theory components.

    Keep On Running

    Just finished our 5k or 10k course? Join us to keep it up!

    If you are a graduate of our 5k or 10k course then take the next step to maintain your running. In our keep on running groups one of our amazing coaches will meet with you each week for a group lead running session where you will run 5k or 10k to keep your fitness and running on track.

    Suspension Training

    A class that will work your core strength, balance, flexibility & power!

    6 Week Suspension Training course to make you fitter, faster and stronger with your runs. This course runs consecutively for 6 weeks during which you will learn dynamic moves to strengthen your core, work on balance, flexibility and power - all of which will help to improve your running form and ability.

    Speed Clinic

    Join us once a month to increase your speed!

    During your session you will learn effective drills, techniques and running styles to help you increase your speed. Our clinic will give you the platform through sports science to really push your speed to the next level in getting a faster run. The best part of this clinic is it does not matter how fast or how far you currently run - anyone can join this session.

    Half Marathon Training

    Be brave and take the next step to a serious challenge!

    Learn to Run will give you the coaching, skills and encouragement you need to run a half marathon with our 10 week training package. You will get excellent coaching, a running program and all the support and education you need to make your dream of completing a half marathon a reality! The best part is when you sign up to our January course you will automatically be guaranteed a place in the London Landmarks Half - running for Tommy's Charity on March 24th 2019.

    Myofacial Release Clinic

    Keep injury Free with this speciality clinic.

    A clinic specifically designed to take you through the principals of myocardial release. Through these techniques you will reap the benefits including reducing muscle soreness, reducing risk of injury, improving muscle function, improving circulation and reducing tension. The clinic is composed of both an educational and practical element. Join us to stay injury free and feel better.

    Yoga for Runners

    Join us for yoga to get stronger, focused and flexible.

    A Hatha Yoga based class specifically targeted at runners to ensure you stay strong, balanced and flexible. During this one hour class you will strengthen weak muscles and release muscles that are tight from running. The perfect class to keep your body and mind in balance for your runs!


    Please be aware our course list is in Chronological Order - locations will be listed depending on the start date so be sure to scroll all the way down so you don't miss out! Please when book check the box to receive our welcome letter so the system will send course details to you.

    If you have any difficulties booking we can do our best to sign you up over the phone
    Call Mary 07709 342329

  • What our runners say....


    Such an amazing course, run by fantastic coaches. I can not recommend it enough.

    I honestly didn’t believe I could run, but the course was excellent. Teaming up with other runners to complete homework made it even more enjoyable... an unexpected bonus.
    Gian, your inspirational support by text was invaluable and Mary, you were amazing


    'I never believed I could ever run but having completed a learn to run course recently, I am now running 5K, three times a week! What a fantastic initiative this scheme is, the coaches have been excellent and very supportive. I would recommend learn to run to everyone and hope it continues to help us all believe in ourselves!'


    'I couldn’t even run for a bus and in week one I struggled to run for a minute. Eight weeks on and I can run for 30 minutes. Libby was a fab teacher - always supportive and encouraging us to run at our own pace, and I met some lovely ladies too. If I can do it, believe me, anyone can!'


  • Meet our Team

    Mary McLellan - Founder/Coach


    I love running because it allows me to de stress and helps to keep my fitness levels high. My greatest achievement to date with regards to running is the success of our 0-5k courses as I've been able to introduce new people who never thought of themselves as ever being able to run into this sport.


    I enjoy working on Learn to Run because our courses prove that literally anyone can enter into jogging or running with success if they're supported and encouraged the right way. The fact that I work with an amazing team who really care about our clients is the greatest gift I have had professionally. Three words to describe my coaching style? Fun, fair and fabulous!

    Liberty Clements - Coach


    Completing a run of any length always feels like a great achievement to me. I love the feeling of accomplishment and the buzz of energy, teamed with the lovely clear head I get at the end and I feel that everyone could benefit from that feeling in the fast-paced lives most of us tend to lead.

    I truly believe that everyone is capable of running, given the correct knowledge and technique to do so from the off. And this is why I love Learn to Run! Because it does just that; provides a correct and safe entry into running.


    Three words to describe my coaching style? Motivating, fun and varied!

    Becky Burke - Coach


    Running has always been a strong passion of mine coming from an Athletic background. I love the high energy feel of progress and leading groups of a varying ability helping to make a difference to individuals well being. As a coach; it is my job to help support all aspirations and ages helping others to be the best they can be.

    I am a huge fan of Learn to Run because whether you have never run before, whatever the distance, whatever the speed- your run will be improved in a safe and effective way covering both practical and theory components.

    My motto is “love the run, respect the distance and be proud”

    Celia Findlay


    Running is my passion! I started running 32 years ago and during that time I have competed for County and Country at various distances from 5km to marathons. I still compete in the Vets 55 age group. I truly believe it doesn't matter when you start…running is for everyone and any age!


    I qualified as an England Athletics Level 3 Endurance Coach 10 years ago.


    My focus is to inspire and motivate people to enjoy running for health, fitness and wellbeing.

    Gian Dacres


    I love running because it makes me feel healthy. Whatever the distance is, I know that I have just achieved something to improve my health and well-being. It helps me relax, de-stress, it clears my mind and I always feel happier after a run. It's an accomplishment. By encouraging and motivating our runners, I have helped them progress and be more confident. This is a major and wonderful achievement for me and now, some of the ladies are hungry for more and are working towards progressing to running longer distances.


    Learn to Run courses definitely work. I've witnessed a number of success stories where ladies have never run before but are now running continuously without the initial struggle. The three words that describe my coaching style are unpredictable, motivating and fun!

    Charlotte Manai-Davis


    My love for running didn’t flourish until after I left University. I had a very negative perception of running during my adolescence from school PE lessons. I thought running was only used as punishment and associated it with being freezing cold. As I started to see the impact running had on my health, my love for it grew. It helps me relieve stress, I sleep much better and I’m more connected to my mind.


    I’m so excited to meet you all and to share that feeling I experienced many years ago when I realised I was hooked. The best thing about Learn to Run is you're surrounded by a group of like-minded people. So when you feel you need to give up, you’ve got the rest of the group encouraging you to keep going.


    Three words to describe my coaching style: motivating, enthusiastic and fun!

    Emma Caplin


    Running is something I find extremely therapeutic and invigorating. When I'm running, I am alone with my thoughts, which allows me to tap in to my creative side. I have written entire books in my head on the many miles that I've covered and always finish on a high.

    Learn to Run has enabled me to pass on my knowledge and enthusiasm to others. To empower them to achieve where they may have found running was impossible before.

    I love to show people the right way of running and that it is a fantastic way of keeping a healthy heart, mind and body wherever you are in the world.

    Jayne Turnley


    I started teaching fitness twelve years ago after I started to run myself, and completed my first marathon. All this time later and I am completely and utterly addicted, and love sharing my passion for fitness with others. I teach people of all ages; right from kiddies up to older adults and falls rehabilitation programmes, and feel so lucky to meet such lovely, inspirational and amazing people along the way!


    My coaching style is to be sweet, supportive, and lead by example.

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